Vinyl - Artwork

Her finder du information og vejledning vedr. det grafiske materiale - artwork. For specifikationer og templates tryk "Templates" i øverste menu og vælg type.


Technical conditions for preparation and sending of electronic graphic source materials. The accuracy of your source materials shall secure the problem-free processing of your order! For this reason we request that you read the following:


Necessary conditions for printing and for printed materials:

1. Colour images in colour model CMYK (NOT colour RGB model, Lab)

2. Spot colours defined ONLY by the Pantone sample book (Matching system or Metallics)

3. Resolution of colour images and images in grayscale - minimum 300 dpi in actual size!

4. Resolution of black and white images (monochrome) - minimum 800 dpi in actual size!

5. The document must not contain:

- Images in format DCS1 or DCS2 (separated EPS)

- Images in format EPS with postscript colour management

- ICC profiles

6. For all types of printed materials a trim addition of 3 mm to each outer (margin) edge.

7. Imposition for staple (V1) binding in the case of a document of 4 and more pages.

8. Final size indicated by crop marks.

We accept source materials only in PDF:

- must be created from composite postscript (see point 2) using application Adobe Distiller (i.e. by the process: Source application Postscript Adobe Acrobat Distiller PDF file, see following paragraph D)

- do not create it by saving or export directly from source application (e.g. Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc.). PDF files created in this manner has a different internal structure, which is not identical to the requirements of the output equipment (proof, CtP, platesetter). Problems occur most often here with processing fonts and with transparency, so in certain cases PDF files created in this manner cannot be processed whatsoever. In certain cases this can be resolved by re-saving into postscript and back into PDF. Our DTP studio however does not bear responsibility for small text errors which may occur due to re-saving.

- must be compatible with Acrobat 4.0 (PDF version 1.3), optimized for printing (press optimized)

- do not use OPI comments during creation

Data transmission via network (e-mail, FTP, ISDN):

All data for the MAC platform must be compressed (packed using Stuffit program). We recommend compression also for the PC platform (ZIP, ARJ, RAR etc.) with regard to reducing the size of the transmitted data. We request that you compress both individual large files and entire folder trees into a single file. 

Data transmission via our web-page:

Please upload your artwork here:
Filesize limit 2GB. If you need more space please contact your sales manager for FTP access.

Preparation of data into PDF format:

Always create a PDF file from a postscript file using the program Distiller. Postscript (*.ps)

1. Create a postscript by printing from a source application (Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress etc.) using an appropriate postscript driver and PPD (Postscript Printer Definition file for description of postscript printer):

- postscript driver: we recommend installation of the AdobePS (WIN/MAC), LaserWriter (MAC) or Scitex (WIN/MAC) drivers

- PPD: we recommend use of ordinary (equipment independent) Adobe Distiller or PPD of Scitex Dolev 800 or Scitex Dolev4Press printers.

2. Set composite output (do not set separation) with the exception of printing of CD/DVD created with spot colours (do not set separation for printing in CMYK).

3. The postscript file must contain only CMYK colours or spot colours (if the document is to be printed with spot colours).

4. Set the trim addition (bleed margin) and switch on print of crop marks (if not present in the document already).

5. Incorporate all used fonts upon printing into postscript (not necessary to enter fonts from PPD separately in addition).

6. Upon use of transparency in document (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator) set high resolution for combination of transparencies (possible to use preset profile or create similar set resolution of colour/grayscale images at 300 dpi, resolution of combined text and monochrome images 1200 dpi).

PDF (*.pdf)

Set Adobe Distiller for commercial printing purposes possible to use preset profile (Press Optimized / Press Quality) or adjust settings of Distiller in a manner optimized for our equipment.

Adobe Acrobat Distiller 6:
setting is accessible by means of the menu Settings > Edit Adobe PDF Settings [Ctrl+E]

- the setting created can be saved using the command Save As... as a preset profile, which can then be used simply in processing further files.

Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5:
setting is accessible using the menu Settings > Job Options... [Ctrl+J]

- the setting created can be saved using the command Save As... as a preset profile, which can then be used simply in processing further files.